An Experiment in Habit-Building

26 Dec

I have a theory that I want to test out and would like to invite you to come along for the ride.  I want to blog more regularly.  In fact, I want to create a habit of blogging – I have wanted to do such a thing for multiple years (maybe you have too?).

The theory is based on someone else’s theory on habit building: Habit = f(Motivation, Ability, Triggers).  What’s cool, is that Motivation and Ability are proportional.  That is, if you are trying to build a habit for doing something trivial, then you need very little motivation; all you really need is a trigger.

So, how do you do something trivial?  Take a ridiculously small step.  Ridiculously small is in meditating for 2 breaths, doing 2 pushups, or ….  Or writing 2 paragraphs and blogging them.  Just two paragraphs.  No reviews.  No agonizing on whether this is the right thing to say or how dumb I’ll look to the reader.

So here we go.  This is the first such blog.  And my trigger will be writing before I go to bed.  That’s it.

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